Wine & Spirits - Labels

The packaging for premium products plays a very important role for the perceived value and its sales success. For this reason, wine and spirits are extensively embellished. Haptic and metallic effects are often combined in different ways. Such complexity can only be achieved with flatbed technology.


Embellishment technology for wine & spirits labels:


FMCG - Labels

Metallic effects, such as gold or silver, have been used in the FMCG sector for a long time. They have therefore lost some of their impact. More and more packaging is now being enhanced with 3D images or lenses. This generates a FOCUS point and induces the consumer to pick up the product.

Embellishment technology for FMCG:

Goods for everyday use - Flexible Packaging

The requirements for the
 'look & feel' of flexible packaging have become more and more demanding - particularly for everyday goods. The consumer's perception of the product's value can be increased through refinement. The brand owner can thus introduce a 'premium' line, which allows him to achieve higher margins.

mbellishment technology for Flexible Packaging


Beverages - Shrink Sleeves

Haptic effects will achieve an excellent result on the shelf, as consumers are inclined to feel the embossing with their fingertips. Unfortunately, it is not possible to create haptic effects on shrink sleeves. However, design elements with a 3D effect can be used as an alternative nowadays. Consumers can see the visual, three-dimensional effect on the product and will take it into their hands. The chance will be rather high for the product to go from the hand into the shopping basket. 

Embellishment technology for Beverages:

Tobacco - Folding Cartons

The refinement of cigarette packs plays a prominent role in those countries where
 'plain packaging' is not an issue. Embellished packaging not only reflects the value of the product, but also helps to improve brand loyalty. This is especially important in the tobacco industry. In addition, holograms can be used to achieve a special visual effect alongside protection against counterfeiting. 


Embellishment technology for Folding Cartons:


Events - Tickets

Each event is a unique experience. That's why every detail should be perfect. This starts with the ticket, as it is the first contact with the event. An embellished ticket is perceived as more exclusive and increases the excitement for the event. Furthermore, the ticket may be kept as a
 'souvenir'. Having a ticket with haptic and metallic effects will help to ensure a positive recollection. 

Embellishment technology for tickets:

Tax and Quality Stamps

Holographic foils are in widespread use in the security industry. They are applied to tax stamps and banderoles as well as governmental documents. Rotary stamping is the common process today but has limitations regarding speed and substrates (only closed, coated papers). In addition, the tooling costs are high.

Flatbed technology opens up completely new possibilities and makes the application process very efficient:

  • Hologram stripes can be stamped along or across the web with hardly any foil wastage in function of the applicator system (from roll or stacked wet glue labels)

  • Foiling on all kind of coated and uncoated substrates

  • Cost efficient flatbed tools 

  • Sustainable process with less than 2% wastage

  • Extremely high foil usage, less downtimes for foil changes

mbellishment technology for tax and security stamps:


Brand Protection

Brand security plays an increasingly important role in the consumer goods industry. Brand protection can be achieved at very low additional cost through special embellishing technologies. The crucial factor is of course that these brand protection elements can only be produced with high-precision tools and machines.  

mbellishment technology for brand protection:

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