Embellish packaging with rotary technology


Packaging is an important part of the marketing mix and reflects the value of the product. Any packaging can easily and cost-effectively be transformed into a high-value marketing tool with rotary technology.

Embellishment options with rotary technology


Metallic effects

Placement of lenses


Placement of 3D Images


Rotary technology series CHEETAH® - Overiew and Benefits


CHEETAH® N 410 / 570

  • for in-line production in the label industry

  • for small to medium runs in the shrink sleeve industry (in-line or off-line)


CHEETAH® W 850 / 1060

  • for long runs in der folding carton industry (in-line or off-line)

  • for long runs in the shrink sleeves industry (off-line)

Exciting 3D effects on thin substrates and shrink sleeves

3D images are an attractive embellishment option for substrates that can't be embossed due to the material thickness or the downstream process.These are customer-specific designed images that are applied directly to a substrate. The customised 3D image is placed on the substrate through heat and pressure from a carrier film which has a register mark on it. 


High quality meets high efficiency

The Pantec rotary hot foil embellishment technology combines the highest quality of stamping with high efficiency. During the application of hot foil, the foil does not run synchronously with the printed substrate, but can be stopped and re-positioned after each stamping step. Therefore, rotary hot foil stamping with Pantec technology is sustainable, offers a high savings potential and allows efficient processing of 3D images and lenses.

One generic image foil for all repeats

Pantec’s rotary embellishment systems move and place foil, lenses and 3D images individually in register. Therefore the same foil can be used for any repeat length.


Conventional technology:
One specific foil for each label repeat length– high waste

  • No foil saving possible – foiling cost high

  • Frequent foil changes – frequent machine stops 

  • Slow in register – high substrate waste

  • Several SKU – high logistic cost

Pantec’s rotary technology::
One generic foil for all repeats – low waste - sustainable

  • Maximum foil saving – low foil cost

  • Less foil changes – less machine stops

  • Fast in register – low substrate waste

  • One SKU only – low logistic cost

High frequency motion for sustainable embellishment  

Pantec’s rotary technology runs with up to 20 cycles per second. Foil, lenses or 3D Images are placed individually in register with hardly any waste in between. This high moving frequency is only possible thanks to the unique Pantec vaccum foil motion technology and the precise, dynamic servo control used. 


Designed for ease of use

An intuitive, user-friendly HMI makes it easy for the operator to run a CHEETAH®. Its operating system is designed to support daily operation. Features include:

  • A foil test run mode allowing the user to set-up the CHEETAH® without stopping the printing machine

  • Automatic calculation of optimal foil moving pattern, based on the design

  • Job data storage

  • Process optimized servo control to ease foil release

The CHEETAH® can be accessed remotely, giving Pantec the opportunity for fast and easy support. Whether there is a technical problem or the need for assistance in setting up the next job, the Pantec support is only just a click away.

CHEETAH® series - details

CHEETAH® N 410/570
Sustainable rotary hot foil system for narrow web

CHEETAH® N replaces the unwinder and rewinder of the press manufacturers hot foil module (to use the existing stamping module) or can be equipped with Pantec’s own rotary hotfoil unit.    

Key data CHEETAH® N
  • Stamping width 410 or 570 mm

  • Up to 20 motion cycles per second (up to 150 m/min)

  • Up to 6 streams to place lenses or 3D images individually (up-grade possible)

  • Up to 9 foil saving streams (up-grade possible)

  • Foil width minimum: 20 mm

® N can be mounted on the rail of any narrow web press or is available as off-line system


CHEETAH® W 860/1060
Sustainable rotary hot foil system for wide web

CHEETAH® W can be installed as a stand-alone, off-line system together with an unwinder and rewinder or can be integrated in-line into any printing press. It is recommended to add Pantec’s automatic foil splicing system if installed as an inline solution.

Key data CHEETAH® W 860/1060

  • Stamping width 850 or 1060 mm
  • Up to 20 motion cycles per second (up to 150 m/min)
  • Up to 10 streams to place lenses or 3D images individually (up-grade possible)
  • Up to 15 foil saving streams (up-grade possible)
  • Foil width minimum: 20 mm

CHEETAH® W is availble as off-line system or can be integrated into wide web presses

Which CHEETAH® fits best to you? Let´s talk to find out!

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