Package printing single pass – Pantec/GEWA open house during Drupa

Packaging production with hot-foil embossing system integrated into web press

Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Pantec hot-foil embossing systems integrated into web presses allow manufacturing packaging with complex foil designs in single pass. Pantec in cooperation with GEWA Etiketten offers an open house during DRUPA.

To date high-quality luxury packaging is very expensive to manufacture, since the process is usually divided into several process steps. Refining with hot foil, holograms and embossing takes place in separate machines which splits the entire manufacturing process into several sub processes. This often means complex, time-consuming logistical processes and a lot of waste.

In-line packaging printing opens up completely new possibilities for printers to produce cost effective with a very short lead time. New high-performance hot-foiling, embossing and hologram systems for web presses such as the rotary stamping system CHEETAH™ or the flatbed RHINO™ by Pantec GS Systems speed up to 150 m/min and produce POS teasing brilliance in-line.

To show-case how luxury packaging can be manufactured in-line from the blank substrate to the finished pack Pantec GS Systems offer an open house on June 3rd and 9th at GEWA near Frankfurt. Participants will see the combination of printing (offset, flexo, screen printing) and high end refining (foil & micro embossing, debossing, security features, die cutting) all in  single pass from the blank carton roll - the future of luxury packaging!

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