RHINO™ sets new standards with 30’000 strokes and 3D foil

With a 70% performance increase compared to the legendary first RHINO™ introduced in 2010, Pantec offers a stunning fast running answer for the growing requirements for multi-effect foil-embossing. In the wine and spirits labels market, RHINO™ IIS provides best economy for single pass, short and long runs with small, inexpensive and quick setup tools.


Within the last seven years, more than 80 RHINO™ flatbed embossing systems changed the world of wine and spirit label decoration. As traditional label refining with hot foil has a substantial influence on the production costs of high quality labels - and usually also increases lead times, the Pantec in-line capable RHINO™ flatbed multi-foil embossing system changed the production rules and allowed cost effective high end label production in a single pass. With the increasing demand of higher numbers of foil effects, a higher multistroke performance is required by a multi-effect decoration system to ensure an economic single pass production in future. The 30’000 strokes per hour of RHINO™ IIS combined with a higher embossing tonnage ensure that labels with a high number of decoration effects and extraordinary demands on quality can be produced in-line without any loss of overall press performance.


RHINO™: Combination of modern embellishment technologies on a single system helps printers to differentiate

The flat bed embossing system RHINO™ offers everything the market for wine and spirit labels is expecting from modern embellishment, e.g. unique features like registered 3D foil and micro-embossing in combination with different foil colors: all combined on a single, small tool. With the Pantec servo technology, RHINO™ IIS registers 3D lenses at full speed, precisely. Due to the multi-stepping and the format-free multi-foiling of RHINO™, these features are done combined on one single tool, allowing the job to be run in-line in a single pass. 

Today, more than 80 RHINO™ flatbed systems help label printers worldwide to differentiate and offer complex designs cost effectively. RHINO™ systems are running in almost all presses: Mark Andy, Gallus, MPS, Miyakoshi, Nilpeter, OMET, Rotatek, Lombardi and fast running offline systems.

Complex 3 foil design at record speed, live at LABELEXPO

To underline the efficiency of single pass embellishment Pantec demonstrated the production of a sophisticated 3 foil rum label live at their booth with RHINO™ IIS. The design convinced with a precisely registered 3D effect lens, gloss-matt emphasizing with transparent foil and uncoated substrate and 3D beveled nanoembossed brand name. The label was produced with RHINO™ IIS at 30’000 strokes/hour, 70% faster than the legendary RHINO™ which was introduced in 2010. 

RHINO™ Flat bed processing – perfect for uncoated material

Especially uncoated structured papers with a rotary hot foil system slows down a press. The glue for cold foil is absorbed by uncoated materials. Matt gloss effects with cold foil are very limited. For striking embellishment effects, the use of a flatbed in rotary machines is the alternative.  

The RHINO™ series – flat bed multi foil embossing for rotary and semirotary presses

RHINO™ IIS is latest and most powerful of the RHINO™ series introduced in 2010. The RHINO™ IIS is a foil embossing system with 410 x 410 mm stamping area, revolvable head, 30’000 strokes per hour, registered hologram streams and 6 independent heating zones. It runs at 20% higher speed than RHINO II™ 410 introduced two years ago. The pay back inline is multiplied by the higher usage of the entire press. RHINO™ IIS comes with electronic impression control and higher tonnage. 

With RHINO™ II 250L, Pantec offers the ideal machine to start with. With 250 mm embossing length, the machine fits perfectly for typical 2 stroke wine and spirit label designs.  The system is upgradeable to RHINO™ IIS 410 as business and requirements grow. 

The 330 mm wide RHINO™ 330W fits for semi-rotary machines. With 20’000 strokes per hour and a stamping length of 410 mm its suitable highest complex designs and small jobs.


Live demonstrations at LABELEXPO EUROPE showed the single pass production of a sophisticated 3 foil rum label with RHINO™ IIS at 30’000 strokes/hour.

RHINO™ IIS, the answer to increasing label design complexity

Pantec GS Systems CEO Peter Frei: "The RHINO™ IIS is following the market requirements. Flat bed stamping is an “art”, leaving a lot of space for creativity. The versatility of RHINO offers printers to consult their customers with effects they develop and offer as their unique knowhow. The brand designers like using unique effects. Consequently, more and more they go for eye-catching effects to increase sales. Along with small, low cost tooling and short single pass delivery time, printers make themselves unique to their customers. Both brand owner and printers profit.” 

RHINO™ IIS will be available from February 2018.