RHINO I 410/250: in-line flatbed power for sophisticated, mono/2-foil labels

Pantec GS Systems launches flat bed embossing system for efficient manufacturing of brilliant, mono/2-foil labels

Pantec GS Systems RHINO™ I revolutionized the wine and spirit label market since it was introduced in 2010. With its ability of producing complex multi-foil / multi-stepping designs in high flatbed quality at high speed in-line it allowed by then unmatched lead times and per unit costs. As RHINO™ I is too powerful for some applications, customers were looking for an additional flat bed system for efficient production of mono/2-foil designs. With RHINO™ I 410/250 Pantec GS Systems now launches a solution exactly fulfilling this requirement.

In the final result this dedicated flat bed hot foil embossing system for the processing of “low number of foil labels” utilizes a high number of benefits for printing houses, both in terms of investment as well as in running costs. The lower number of stamping foils in the process allows the use of a shorter, hence cheaper tool. RHINO™ I 410/250 works with a tool of 410 mm width and 250 mm length which is a perfect compromise of foil numbers and resulting machine speed. The crosswise foiling head with up to 20’000 strokes / hour provides the performance for in-line operation of modern printing presses. Finally the relatively small tool size compared to RHINO™ I 410/410 allows a less heavy engineered machine body - resulting in a highly attractive investment. 

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