RHINO™ II: flat bed refining for security and brand protection

In-line efficiency for security labels / brand protection with Patch and Hologram Insetting in combination with complex foiling patterns

A high diversity of features and their precise combination are the main driver for the level of security a label can provide. RHINO™ II gives security printers an exceptionell basis of flat bed features which can be combined with the precision of a single manufacturing process: Microembossing, Multilevel 3D embossing, registered insetting of patches and holograms, length- and crosswise stamping of foils, to name just a few.

RHINO™ II is operating on a single tool, allowing a very high register precision when combining all these features. With its multistepping function, different foil / embossing combinations can be done in one single run on the machine. In the combination these features are extremely difficult to copy - especially if efficiency is required: With a mechanical speed of up to 150 m/min, RHINO™ II provides these results with in-line single pass manufacturing with lower per unit costs and faster lead times.  

Pantec GS Systems CEO Peter Frei: „The newly developed insetting of registered holograms and patches is the cherry on the cake for security printers, as RHINO™ II  now allows to make a registered combination of patches and embossing, for example to emboss the edges of a patch or to register microembossed text into a precise place on a hologram. The encouragement from the security printers shows that RHINO

™ II is a viable option for the security market."