Taroha - an example of the creative power of 3D images on shrink sleeves using hot stamping.

Placing 3D images on shrink sleeves using hot stamping technology is a game changer for the cost-effective application of 3D effects on this popular packaging material. This is an excellent way for products that are looking to present themselves as premium or unique to emphasise this positioning in the packaging design. 

Together with the German design agency zweischneider and the foil manufacturer Leonhard Kurz, we used the example of the energy drink Taroha to show what high-quality shrink sleeve packaging can look like. 

Design features



Flexo | Embellishment on Pantec CHEETAH® N

Design & Photos: Daniel Bretz | Oliver Jung

Print:  Nyco Packaging

Foil: Leonhard Kurz

Tools: Hinderer + Mühlich

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