Riesling Kyburg: Foil only edition

Inspired by the Riesling Kyburg label, the idea was born to create the design using only foils without printing. The coloured, graphic illustration of the initial design was replaced with black foil. The castle ‘drawn’ with foil adds elegance and exclusivity, the micro-embossing of the golden frame adds value to the label.
Additionally, the transparent holographic lens on the neck label enhances the overall appearance of the bottle on the shelf. 

Design features



Without Preprint, Embellishment on Pantec RHINO


Design: Daniel Bretz | Oliver Jung

Foil: Leonhard Kurz

Tools: Hinderer + Mühlich

Close Ups

Production Video

Production at 29666 strokes/hour (8,2 strokes per second)

Web speed: 87 m/min

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