Primitivo Kyburg: Foil only edition

The enthusiasm generated by the production of the Foil Only label for the Kyburg Riesling  led us to implement this concept for a red wine as well. The decision was made in favour of the Primitivo grape, which is mainly cultivated under this name in Italy. One of the best-known growing areas is Puglia. However, the grape variety is also the third most commonly cultivated in California, where it is known as Zinfandel.  

The Italian name probably refers to the Italian word primo, the first, because it is one of the vines that ripens first in the year. In cultivation, the Primitivo is largely uncomplicated, but its taste is impressive.

The Kyburg sample label "Primitivo" is also like this. It impresses with its visual appearance and its simplicity to produce it – two foils and different embossing done in one pass on the RHINO flatbed system. 

Design features



Without Preprint, Embellishment on Pantec RHINO


Design & Concept: Daniel Bretz | Oliver Jung

Foil: Leonhard Kurz

Tools: Hinderer + Mühlich

Substrate: Manter / Fedrigoni

Close Ups

Production Video

Production at 29666 strokes/hour (8,2 strokes per second)

Web speed: 87 m/min

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